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What is the average salary for a Body Piercer?

Salaries vary upon person to person, the only person who can make it work... is you!

A full time Body Piercer will make more money than a part time Piercer. But some part time Body Piercers do make it work as they will book them self-up for those few days they are working.

Patience is key and once you are established, you will see a regular income.

Newly trained Piercers will start off slow, but we will be able to show you how to get clients in the door. This is a valuable tool which will be taught, also pricing is key to your success… we will help you there too.

Once established and full time (5 days a week or more) your weekly income on a self-employed basis could be between £350-£600 a week. This potentially could rise depending on a really busy work week.

A part time Piercer could earn between £250-£350 (3 days full work).

The incomes I have listed is the take home price.

Quiet spells do happen in any career, but luckily there is more busy periods than quiet.

Weekly expenditure on Piercing supplies can vary from £30-£100, depending on how busy you have been that week.

I have never regretted becoming a Body Piercer, for the passion of it and the financial stability… it is a great job.

What you waiting for? Become a Body Piercer.

Why change Careers to become a Body Piercer?
Life is very hard and sometimes the jobs we are in don’t make us happy and have very little rewards.

The rewards of being a Body Piercer are massive, from job happiness and through time financial stability.

I was not born into Body Piercing, I had a normal job before Piercing which paid very little and didn’t give me job satisfaction. I reached a point in my life where I wanted a change, I then did something about it and made that dream job become a reality. Months of hard saving to go into this new job would eventually pay off through success. Spend a little to accumulate a lot.

It does not matter how old you are, it’s never too late to change careers.

If you are unsure or don’t know where to start, you can start with us we can help you become a successful Body Piercer.
Age Restrictions for Piercings and the Law

There are no real Legal age limits for most general Piercings, on the other hand Genital Piercings must not be performed on under 18s as this is classed as Child abuse.

The same rule would apply for Tattoos too… as if a consenting Parent was to give permission for a 17-year-old to have a Tattoo, and then if that artist did that Tattoo… they would then be breaking the Law. This would then result in the Artist/Studio being prosecuted and the Parent for giving permission, this could result in a Prison sentence and being placed on the Violent and Sex Offenders Register (ViSOR) and this includes the Parent who gave permission. This is because it is classed as an assault on a Minor. This applies for Genital Piercings performed on anyone under the age of 18.

When it comes to Piercing ages most Studios have a set age limit, set either by themselves or the council in their area, no Piercings without parental consent for under 16 or 18 is the most common. This is where Parental consent comes into play, so if a 15-year-old wanted a Navel Piercing… they can with a Parent/Guardian present and signed forms by the Parent/Guardian.

Because there is no real legal age for Piercings it can be hard to judge if someone is too young to have a Piercing even if their Parent says yes. So, what do you do?! We will help you make that decision on the Piercing Course.

As part of the Body Piercing Course we will explain and make you aware of certain ages for Piercings and Rules and Regulations set out by Public Health England and Model Bylaws.

Also, we will help you with what types of Piercings are suitable for certain age groups and whether that person maybe too young to have a certain Piercing.

We will provide printed literature of consent forms to all students to help them with Parental/Guardian consent and Piercing consent forms.
Piercing Course Business Start-up

At Slack Alice’s Piercing Academy, we will not only just show you how-to Pierce, but also how to make a successful name for yourself.

We will help you to understand the Body Piercing price lists and how to out match your competitor.

As well as valuable information on how to increase sales and bring in Piercing clients in the door.

Also, part of the Piercing Course we will show you where to go to find the best materials at a really low price, with our recommended suppliers offering a 10% discount on Body Piercing supplies.       

Performing Piercings on clients is a rewarding career, and the money spent out on the Course in these early stages will be returned easily in just a few months from your new business venture.