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Body Piercing Courses, Questions and Answers
How long is the Body Piercing Course? – The Piercing Course is 3 ½ to 4 days long depending which Piercing Course you do.

Do I need to bring my own Models for the Piercing Course? - No we supply live models for the Piercer Training.

If I buy a Body Piercing Kit from you, do I have to use my own Kit on the Piercing Course?- No we provide all the supplies and Body Piercing Jewellery for the Piercing Course.

Will you help me Work out my Piercing Price list? - Yes, we will go through this, and more with our business start-up.

Can you tell me what is in the Body Piercing Kit? - Yes.

Which Piercings will be covered? - All above the waist Body Piercings.

Is there Hotels in the area? – There are many with in driving and walking distance.

If I want to book a date for the Body Piercing Course, who do I contact? – On the website, there is an email option and all our contact details.

When do I need to secure a place on the Piercing Course? – Two weeks before the Piercer Training starts.

Is the Body Piercing Course a guaranteed pass? – It is a guaranteed Pass, only if the student meets the required standard. If they don’t, they will have an opportunity to recover areas on the Piercing Course.

Will I be able to Pierce after my Body Piercer Training? – Yes, as long as the premises you are working from are already E.H.A. inspected and insured. You will be told on the Piercing Course, how to obtain a licence from the Council. Which is simply a small fee, and a description of where you did your Body Piercing Course.