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An autoclave is an essential tool for a Body Piercer, from sterilising jewellery and tools.

There are 3 types of Autoclaves that Environmental Health recognise, which are hospital/dental grade sterilisers. On the course we will show you the best one to get for your studio.

There is no way round not having an Autoclave and Environmental Health will not give you a Body Piercing License without one.

With modern production there are disposable clamps available. The downside to these are they can break/Pinch and are not sturdy enough to hold the skin. Also in the long run they can cost more.

With metal tools they can be re used after going through the cleaning and sterilisation process. Which make it more economical and safe for the Client/Piercer to use. It is also much better for the environment.

If you was to go down the disposable route to get around not having an Autoclave, there is one main problem after that, and that is the jewellery. Jewellery generally does not come sterilised, which is another reason you will need an Autoclave. Some companies do advertise sterile jewellery and is often imported from foreign countries. But they are often lacking one important thing… an Autoclave READOUT receipt. So with no proof of sterilisation it is bad practice to use this item. This in turn could lead to an infection from a non-sterile item. 
These items are also advertised at a much higher price normally 7 x the original price. Because it is imported there is then a problem of metal purity, sometimes imported metals from China can contain a high Nickel count which is the main thing most people are allergic too.

When coming on the course we will advise you the most affordable option for Autoclaves and recommend a company we use. We will also recommend jewellery suppliers which have the best metals.

If purchasing the Body Piercing Kits they contain metal clamps that will last years, and jewellery which comes from a great supplier and will have no allergic reaction to any person.