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Piercing Aftercare treatments
Some methods of aftercare are obsolete, others are too new. Some are extrely harmful.

These aftercare products which are free or sold cheap for individual piercings, have recently come to light that they are harmful to your new piercing.

Using surgical spirit or alchol wipes, can be exteremly harmful to your new piercing. The burning sensation that is felt after cleaning your piercing, will infact tell your body that the piercing is not meant to be there. This will make the piercing sore, and slow down the healing process.

The best method for cleaning piercings, is simply clean little as often and reguarly. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, for a few seconds each time. This helps remove any crust, which may cause rubbing and will help the piercing breathe.

The best two soloutions to use is, sea salt and boiled water and high end cleaning soloutions. Both these soloutions are not harmful, they will help natural healing.

There are also other aftercare remidees, these are more herbal based. Aloe vera gel is brilliant for aiding with the healing process.
Honey a natural substance is believed to be benificial for healing some wounds,there has been evidnece to show this. I would not advise to use this on piercings, no research appears to have been done on its use for healing piercings. Manuka honey has been studied extensivley for reducing inflammation, treating infection, and promoting healing.

Other natural remidees for wound care are, elk or deer antler velvet, calendula, marshmallow root, rosemary, gotu kola, echinacea, coca butter, oatmeal, plantain, banana peelextract, rose hips, raw garlic, caster oil, sugar and seaweed.

Nothing will beat a good old fashioned sea salt soloution, with cotton buds!