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Age Restrictions for Piercings and the Law

There are no real Legal age limits for most general Piercings, on the other hand Genital Piercings must not be performed on under 18s as this is classed as Child abuse.

The same rule would apply for Tattoos too… if a consenting Parent was to give permission for a 17-year-old to have a Tattoo, and then if that artist did that Tattoo… they would then be breaking the Law. This would then result in the Artist/Studio being prosecuted and the Parent for giving permission, this could result in a Prison sentence and being placed on the Violent and Sex Offenders Register (ViSOR) and this includes the Parent who gave permission. This is because it is classed as an assault on a Minor. This applies for Genital Piercings performed on anyone under the age of 18.

When it comes to Piercing ages most Studios have a set age limit, set either by themselves or the council in their area, No Piercings without parental consent for under 16 or 18 is the most common. This is where Parental consent comes into play, so if a 15-year-old wanted a Navel Piercing… they can with a Parent/Guardian present and signed forms by the Parent/Guardian. (In Wales it is Illegal to perform Tongue, Navel and Nipple Piercings on anyone under the age of 18)

Because there is no real legal age for Piercings it can be hard to judge if someone is too young to have a Piercing even if their Parent says yes. So, what do you do?! We will help you make that decision on the Piercing Course.

As part of the Body Piercing Course we will explain and make you aware of certain ages for Piercings and Rules and Regulations set out by Public Health England and Model Bylaws.

Also, we will help you with what types of Piercings are suitable for certain age groups and whether that person maybe too young to have a certain Piercing.

We will provide printed literature of consent forms to all students to help them with Parental/Guardian consent and Piercing consent forms.