Slack Alice's Piercing Academy
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Slack Alice's Tattoo Shack Piercing Academy
The Shop has been here, since 2011 in Baldock, Hertfordshire

Originally the shop started out doing, Tattoos and Body Piercing. Then later on we launched a Laser Clinic, to do Tattoo removal and Cosmetic Laser Treatments.

The Tattoo side of the shop, is very busy and has a few months waiting list. The Body Piercing side, is extremely busy too. We have two Body Piercers, this means when a Body Piercing Course is running there will be an opportunity to observe. People come far and wide to get a Piercing at Slack Alice’s, because of the high Piercing standard and quality this makes us very successful. This same high standard and level of quality, will be taught to you! The student, in your Piercer Training.

We will also, Train you on how to be successful in your Business with our start up help we offer. We will also give you solid tried and tested advice, on how to make your Body Piercing Business work for you.

Slack Alice's Tattoo Shack Piercing Academy
We at Slack Alice’s are very happy with the Body Piercing Courses we do, they are truly amazing. Our work and the Piercing Courses speak for them self's. You can have a look at our current work on Facebook, at Slack Alice’s Piercing Academy for Course work. Our Body Piercing Group Page on Facebook, is Laurie Angel’s Piercing. This contains the level of work we do. You can also have a look at our Tattoo Facebook page at Slack Alice’s , there is also a website for the Tattoo Shop.