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Body Piercing Course, the Tongue Piercing
The Tongue Piercing is a very popular Piercing, if done right it can be safe and look amazing.

There are many myths around Tongue Piercings, a lot of these myths come from poorly trained Body Piercers. The two myths we see all the time is, “my Tongue is too short" or "there is a Vein under my Tongue". Then they are sent away, only when they find a Body Piercer of good Quality, that they realize they had a lucky escape!

The reason these bad Piercers say that, is because they are either poorly trained or have no idea how to do a Tongue Piercing.

The best answer is... anyone can have their Tongue Pierced, no Tongue is too short and there is a Vein under the Tongue, there is two of them!

This is an increasing problem, of people being turned away due to poor trained Piercers.

Double Tongue Piercing

On the Body Piercing Course, we will teach you how to do a Tongue Piercing correctly and safely. We will show the areas to avoid, and show you how it does not matter which length Tongue you have, or that there is a vein!

They sound like a hard Body Piercing to do, but once we have shown you the science, it will become second nature.