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Daith Piercings, Migraine Prevention
Daith Piercings, have gone from a casual Piercing to an extremely popular one in the space of a year.

Over the last year, it has become apparent that these Piercings will help with migraines, it is very similar to acupuncture. Over time acupuncture wears off, with this piercing, a piece of jewellery is in the area reacting the same way acupuncture does.

In the middle of the daith is a nerve, once punctured it sends a signal to release pain relief endorphins. These are what prevent/relieve migraines, from starting. Only the middle part should be pierced for migraine symptoms.

It is recommended to pierce the side the migraine originates from, if you suffer from both sides it is best to get the side done which is more painful. Failing this, try one side and see if that helps? but if you are still suffering from the other side, then get that pierced as well.

There is no scientific proof to Daith Piercings helping with migraines, as it is very hard to do a clinical trial on piercings. It has become that well known, that this type of Piercing helps with migraines, that even now doctors and nurses are now recommending having it done! I would say from what I have seen, it has a success rate of 95%, the worst-case scenario is that it does not work and you have a very pretty piercing.

This type of Piercing is said to help with anxiety too, the endorphins released do help to ease symptoms of anxiety. There is not much evidence to back this, but I have seen it with a handful of clients and have heard of their success.

Daith Piercings will be taught on the Body Piercing Course, and exactly where to pierce and hit the nerve to prevent migraines. As well as the infamous love heart Daith Piercing insertion! Love hearts can be inserted in the initial Piercing, only with the correct metal, Niobium. This metal is non-reactive and is flexible, this allows easy manipulation of the metal to open and close it.

Further information will be taught on the Body Piercing Course.