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Should I do a Dermal Anchor Course?
Dermal Piercings, are a very popular product. Most Body Piercing studios will offer Dermal Piercings. They are a very specialised area, and are very valuable to your success. They look truly amazing when inserted, they can also be placed in Tattoos. There is a high demand for Dermal Piercings, you will easily be able to make a lot of money from this service you will offer.

The option to do a Dermal Course, is available at a really good price. There is an option to come back at a later date to do a single Dermal Course.

If done with the Body Piercing Course, the Dermal Course is at a discounted price.

On the 4th day, the Body Piercing Course will finish before lunch. The Course will then resume after lunch, for those wanting to learn about Dermal Anchors and Skin Divers.

There will be theory, followed by practical insertion and removal.

We also offer a Dermal Piercing Kit, which is very similar to the Body Piercing Kit. You will receive, both Skin Divers and Dermal Anchors. Biopsy punches and tools will also be included.

Once completing both Courses, you will be a very competent Body Piercer and be able to perform Dermal Piercings.