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Body Piercing Course Kits

When you have completed the Piercing can be very daunting on what supplies to get.
When buying in supplies you want them to be good quality, anything cheap will break and not last long and end up costing more over time.

Always use a Quality Piercing supplier to get good tools, jewellery and studio supplies. When purchasing tools from Piercing suppliers the tools will last years to come. The jewellery will be a really good quality and Implant Grade Titanium when purchased from a Piercing supplier.

By us providing Piercing kits we take away the stress for you and insure you don’t accidentally make the mistake of buying the wrong supplies. All items that need to be sterilised in the kit, will be in autoclave pouches ready for you to sterilise. Jewellery will have individual sizes on the back of the autoclave packets to help you locate the sizes you need quickly, and aid in re-ordering the right stock. You will know how to use everything in the kit, and the supplies will last you a long time and help you kick start your career the right way.

The Body Piercing Kits we supply are packed full too bursting including all the tools that you will need, 100 needles, lots of jewellery and many studio supplies.
You will be using our tools on the Course, which will get you familiar with your brand-new tools in your kit.

Anything you see or use on the Course will be in your kit. With very little items left to purchase after the course.

We use our own jewellery for the Piercing Course and you will have your own supply in the kit. Any jewellery you see or use on the course will be in the kit brand new, so you will be familiar with all designs and sizes.
All sizes, types and quantities will be supplied in the kit. This includes every day initial sizes for piercing and jewellery for all types of anatomy and smaller sizes for returning clients and larger sizes for swelling problems.
Body Piercing Kit Only -  £494.00
We offer a Dermal Piercing kit which has a supply of Dermal Anchors and Skin Divers, and Exclusive Dermal tools and Punches. The Dermal tools which help insert the Dermal Piercings can not be purchased from any UK Piercing Supplier and have to be imported from Germany and are only available with the Dermal Kit.

Dermal Piercing Kit Only - £90.00
If you are attending both the Body Piercing Course and Dermal Piercing Course, it would be worth while to get both kit packages… so you are ready to take on the World of Piercing full steam ahead.
Both Kits - £584.00

Costs and Deposits

All prices and break downs of Deposits can be found on the costs section and the required deposit at the time of booking.