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Piercing Course Testimonials

Hayley from Essex 
Very professional, interesting and fun course. So much content has been covered in 4 days and my confidence has grown so much. I am now confident that I could go home and begin piercing. Thank you Laurie for being an excellent teacher!

Lee from Dorset
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to make a start in the piercing industry.
Laurie shows and explains things to you in a way that is easy to understand wether you have any knowledge or not.
Very informative and his onions!
Made to feel comfortable and relaxed.
To anyone who approaches our studio inquiring about getting into piercing, there’s only one place I can direct them to. SLACK ALICE’S TATTOO SHACK!

Mike from Brighton
Really cool studio and very welcoming.
I found my dermal course very relaxed and informing. I would 100 % recommend Laurie as a teacher.
I feel very confident to use the knowledge and wisdom I have learned in my work.
Plus, great kit!! Big thanx 😊

Mike was already a trained Piercer, he wanted to do the Dermal Course to further his career.

Pete from the UK
Great Course, easy to follow along and everything was well explained by Laurie.
Thanks !!!:)

Kim from West Bromwich
Had a great time. Learnt a lot and enjoyed every minute.
Awesome people relaxed place and lots of learning and fun.


Nichola from the UK

Really great, they are very thorough and introduce things to you at a perfect pace and are great at giving you confidence to get through any nerves. I enjoyed every second!

Bobby from Skegness

Brilliant course and trainer. Second time coming here and very impressed.
Bobby T.

Bobby was a returning Body Piercing/Dermal Course student. Who gained the experience of being a Body Piercer and wanted to further his career by doing our Genital Piercing Course.

Sian from Hatfield

This course has been fantastic! Laurie is a brilliant teacher and always has time to answer any questions or help in anyway.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn.
Thank you so much! I will definitely be back!

Michael from Loughborough
Laurie was amazing!
So, kind, patient and professional.
The course was really informative and covered everything I needed to know!
I would definitely recommend doing this course with Laurie, you will not be disappointed and money well spent!
Thank you for having me!

Johnita from Birmingham
I just completed the piercing course and dermal course. I can honestly say that I can not recommend it enough. Laurie and the whole Slack Alice team are AMAZING!!! I literally went from knowing absolutely nothing about piercings to being a piercer. I feel that I have the knowledge, ability and understanding of the different types of piercings and skin divers and dermal anchors. Laurie is an awesome teacher! Not only does he go the extra mile to cater to his students, he takes extra time to explain if you don’t understand. Laurie I’m forever grateful for the opportunities that are coming my way through the course. I’m looking forward to my future as a successful piercer.

Lindsey from Isle of Man
I’ll start off my GLOWING review by saying that I loved this course and our amazing teacher Laurie (and the rest of the gang) so much that I actually cried when I left on the last day. I could have happily stayed for weeks! I’ve always been really interested in body modification and it has been my dream for a very long time, so I was really nervous and worried about what the course would be like, would I enjoy it etc, but Laurie makes you feel so at ease and welcome that I forgot all of that and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had SO MUCH FUN in our group, we were constantly laughing and it was such a supportive environment. I couldn’t wait to get back in the studio after the first day. Id written down so many things I wanted to ask, but put my notebook away almost immediately because Laurie is so knowledgeable and thorough in his teaching and the notes/handbook you receive are so detailed! The course is really well structured and Laurie goes out of his way to help with anything you ask or want to do.
Id highly recommend buying the kit, it is jam packed with everything you need to get started, going through it all feels like Christmas. The whole experience really is invaluable and worth every single penny. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from someone so good at what they do and for the offer of continued support while I start to set up my own studio.
Will definitely return in the future for the genital course (even if its just to hang out at the awesome Slack Alice’s again 😊

Kerry from East Grinstead
I cannot praise Laurie at Slack Alice’s piercing academy enough, I have left here feeling amazing, confident, excited and knowledgeable. Laurie has a fantastic teaching ethic and really knows his stuff. The knowledge and experience he is sharing with his students is just incredible. If you are currently looking for a piercing course, then I’m going to save you some time and any worries. Stop looking, this is the one you need. The studio it self its just so welcoming, clean and makes the perfect setting. The team are lovely, Laurie is just awesome, even the models for the practical day make you feel at ease. The kit gives you everything you need to set up initially but nothing beats what you learn. I can’t wait to start my new adventure knowing I have the support from Laurie and Slack Alice’s piercing academy. Thank you so much. 😊😊

Matt from Hemel Hempstead
Most insightful course I’ve been on, Laurie is a wealth of knowledge and he is very good at teaching and getting his point across, I have no nerves about starting my new career, thank you.

Esme from Bristol
After attending many courses over the years this has to be one of the most, professional, thorough, fun, intensive and educational one ever. I have learnt so much. Laurie has been able to answer anyone of the 100000 questions I have asked. Had a various number of piercings to do on the practical session. All in all, I have found this course so enjoyable and I thank Laurie and everyone at Slack Alice’s for that.
Thank you

Rebecca from Norfolk
High quality course and the courses are 2-3 people which ensures very good one to one attention.
I will definitely recommend.

Sarah from Redditch
Laurie where to start…………
A fantastic course, extremely informative with a fun vibe in a great studio.
Would highly recommend. I have gained confidence to join the field of piercing.
Thank you

Samantha from West Midlands
Well where do I start,Laurie you were amazing from start to finish.
You made me feel so comfortable from when I came in.
I learnt so much in such a short period of time and that is down to your constant time to make me feel like we are doing a brilliant job.
I honestly believe you are the master of piercing.
Thank you for being so relaxed and making it easier to learn.
I have had such a great week and thank you for making me a fellow piercer, and Slack Alice’s you have been amazing.

Matt from Salisbury
Not only was this a fantastic and professional course to attend, but I feel I have made 4 fantastic friends.
My whole experience was absolutely brilliant and so enjoyable.
Laurie has been awesome and his methods and techniques in delivering the course have been 2nd to none and I have learnt so much. What an experience and I would advise anyone to go to these guys, they are 1st class.
Pleasure to have been trained by and met such wonderful and professional friends.

Ricky from London
Such an amazing high standard of teaching!
Laurie’s method is so adaptable towards each learner. The rest of the team are UBER friendly too! Ive never enjoyed a course so much and is very hands on.
5 Stars *****


Hamish from Malta 
This body piercing course was taught and completed to the very highest of standards. Laurie himself takes the time to cater to each of us individually and is very thorough in detail all the way to the end.
The equipment we got given is also of very high standards and explained why. He also went above and beyond and made sure he gave us all consumables. With all this info, training and equipment, Laurie has prepared and readied us to start our career!!
Thank you so much!!

Michelle from Staffordshire
Absolutely amazing course, I would highly recommend. I was really nervous about coming, but felt at ease immediately. 
Laurie is an amazing teacher and the course is so in depth. I feel really confident to get started and I know that I have help along my piercing career,
The piercing and dermal kits are brilliant and packed full of supplies absolutely fabulous to set me started and well worth purchasing.

Paula from UK
Thank you so much!
Laurie and all at Slack Alice’s, this was a fantastic experience. Thorough, skilful and knowledgeable throughout.
Much love

Cheryl from Wales
I really enjoyed my week at Slack Alice’s, all the staff were really lovely and accommodating.
Laurie was very professional and taught us very well.
He was clear and very thorough and I would recommend him as a tutor to anyone interested in the industry.
Thank you Laurie, Jaye and Jodie. I will deffo be back to visit  xx

Alexis from Gloucester 
I had a great week attending Slack Alice’s Piercing Academy. Laurie was a fantastic teacher, extremely knowledgable yet patient. I felt that everything I needed to know was gone over in great detail, so I felt really confident by the time I finished the course. I would definitely recommend!

Becca (Doris) from Northhants
I had a great time on the course, everybody is so welcoming and they make you feel so comfortable throughout. Even when it came to my first piercing I wasn’t nervous at all and I don’t feel nervous about doing my fist solo piercing whatsoever. I highly recommend Laurie to teach you! I’m so happy that I chose this course!
Becca. 

Charlotte from Birmingham
-    Very welcoming
-    Explained everything
-    Enjoyed it all
-    Excellent recapping
-    Hands on 
-    Patient
-    Understanding
-    Informative 
Laurie was very good. He explained everything, and done it repetitive until I was confident enough todo the practical. I left leaving confident.

Helen from Leeds 
Really enjoyed the body piercing and dermal course with Laurie – really informative, great course materials and lots of hands on practical work.
I left feeling confident to undertake the full range of piercings covered on the courses. 
I’d recommend the kit – full of everything you’ll need to get you going.
Laurie is a fab trainer, very patient and gives clear and thorough explanations and is happy to answer any questions.
I’d definitely recommend Slack Alice’s.

Rachel from Aylesbury 
This course has been extremely good and informative. Nothing was to much trouble. We did have a bit of a laugh. Laurie’s teaching style is really good too! Highly recommend.

Valentina from Italy (Valentina attended are 1 DAY Genital Piercing Course)
This course was really nice. I learnt a lot and I really enjoy. I recommend this course. 
I can not wait to practice genital piercings. 

Trudie from Stoke on Trent
A fab course, very in depth with a wonderful, friendly teacher. All the staff at Slack Alice’s have been very welcoming.
 I found the course very interesting and engaging especially the piercing day, I absolutely loved it!
I can not thank you enough for everything I’ve learnt and your laid back approach, made it very smooth and relaxing. Thank you!
Trudie. x

Julie from Wigan
They premises is beautiful.
Laurie is a superb teacher with a wealth of knowledge and is eager to answer all questions.
Very patient and did not rush through anything.
I feel I am leaving here full of confidence.
Thank you Laurie, for everything xxx

Zoe from Southend on Sea
I loved this training, I have extensively trained in the beauty industry and constantly updating my portfolio and skills with the latest buzz treatments. I can honestly say this is by far the best training program I have ever been on.
Laurie is a fantastic teacher with lots of patience. He answered all our questions and I have learned so much over the week, the course was fun, relaxed and engaging.
The premises are relaxing and cool and the staff at Slack Alice’s were very friendly.
I had an amazing week….Thank you.
I feel 100 % I can now confidently pierce and do dermal.
Zoe. xx

Megan from Hastings
5 star review for this body piercing course, Laurie covered all depths within piercing and dermals. I would recommend the course to anybody that was interested in starting a career in piercing.
I am very much looking forward to my future working within the industry.

Holli from Hampshire
Really informative course covering all aspects of piercing. Including trouble shooting! 
Loads of hands on and practical sections too.
Left feeling confident to start my new career.

Grace from Hereford
Very in depth and to such a high standard.
I’ve learnt so much over the past 4 days and cannot wait to begin my own piercing journey. Laurie has been so friendly and knowledgable and is an excellent teacher.
It’s a great relief to know they offer lifetime support after the course as well!

Fatmah from Kuwait 
Had an amazing experience at the course!
Laurie is an incredible teacher, very knowledgable and professional. Definitely made the right choice choosing S.A.P.A
I feel confident enough to begin piercing immediately. Also wasn’t nervous at all while piercing the models.
I would 100 % recommend this course to anyone looking to become a piercer.
Thank you Laurie and S.A.P.A for the experience!

Danielle from South Wales
Had an absolutely amazing experience learning todo body piercings and dermals with Laurie. Felt so comfortable and reassured throughout the week. Everyone at Slack Alice’s made you feel welcome and at home. Thank you so much Laurie For sharing your amazing knowledge, skills and expertise. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn body piercing.
Thank you Laurie and everyone at S.A.P.A I’ve had an amazing week!

Charlene from Aberdeen 
I really enjoyed the body piercing and dermal course. I was amazed on how much we learned and covered through the week. The teacher Laurie was amazing and taught us well. I would highly recommend these courses and kit to buy. So glad I picked this course.
Charlene. X 

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