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Course Testimonials 

Stephanie from Kettering
Amazing course that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to start a very successful piercing career.
Laurie is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything you need to know in a perfectly clear and understandable way.
His demonstrations are so precise and he is always there to help and advice.
The studio is lovely and spotlessly clean, I’m so happy I decided to take the course here and I can’t wait to put everything I’ve learnt into practise.
Thank you so much!! 😊

Nicole from Brighton
I really enjoyed the course, Laurie is a very informative teacher and makes you feel at ease.
No question is too big or too small and every practical lesson is aided by himself so there is constant support every step of the way.
I have learnt so much on this course and couldn’t recommend it highly enough for anybody wanting to open a door into the piercing career industry.

Rhead from Cannock
I came from Cannock West Midlands to Slack Alice’s Piercing Academy and it has been an amazing experience. Laurie was incredibly specific and was always clear and polite.
The packs are incredibly useful when it comes to theory and the resources was great.
I was nervous on my first piercing but with guidance my confidence has grew. I have made new friends and it has been an incredible experience.
I would recommend to anyone as one of the best courses I have ever done!

Ann-Marie from Kettering
Fantastic course, staff are friendly and helpful.
Studio is lovely and clean.
Laurie is an amazing tutor who covers every detail thoroughly. He is great at putting you at ease.
I feel so much more confident in myself.
I would highly recommend Laurie to anyone looking for a body piercing course.
Thank you so much to Laurie and the girls for a wonderful experience.

Louise from St Neots
I have just finished the body piercing course with Laurie and have to say that I have loved every minute.
 I was really nervous about starting the course but Laurie and all the staff at Slack Alice’s made me feel relaxed.
I have finished the course as a confident body piercer and I am excited to get started in my new profession.
Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Donna from St Neots
I have just completed the body piercing course.
I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 days spent on this course.
Laurie has been really friendly, answered all my many questions patiently and made me feel confident in my ability and knowledge to now go out and be a body piercer.
The course was run to a very high standard and Laurie was very professional in all aspects of teaching.
I would highly recommend his training academy.

Megan from Milton Keynes
Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. You instantly feel a part of the team, and no question is unwelcome. It’s a really calm environment to learn, and you learn an awful lot. I feel very prepared for a career in body piercing.

Nuala from Northern Ireland
A very in-depth course. Laurie is a fantastic tutor, is very patient and makes it interesting. Definitely recommend this course! Great crack too! Going to miss all the guys at slack Alice’s.
Thanks so much.
P.S next time y’all in Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) hit me up!
Have a good one!

Sue from Wembley/Birmingham
I attended the course from 6-9th February with Laurie. I found he explained each process in detail allowing me to understand fully. I have learnt a great deal from Laurie. He is an excellent teacher, very patient and helpful, he has supplied us with a step by step guide to help us in the future. I would 100 % recommend anyone to do this course. It was made very easy to understand, a very friendly atmosphere all the time. Thank you, Laurie, Jaye and Jodie, for a brilliant experience.
Sue xx.

Opal from Basingstoke
I had an amazing time on the course. I learned so much and I’m now extremely confident with piercing techniques, jewellery, after care and everything else which was covered. Everything was taught with high standards and such professionalism and I’m really happy that I came to Slack Alice’s to become a certified piercer!
Thank you so much!
Opal 😊.

Kiera from Ipswich
Laurie was amazing at teaching, he was so calm and easy to talk to. I was extremely nervous before attending as I had never done anything like this before. He talked us through everything and explained it clearly. The folder of information is amazing and something I will use for a long time.
I now feel extremely confident to do piercings and dermal implants on my own.
Such an amazing course I would recommend anyone to do it!

Robert from Newcastle
Great course with a tutor who is hands on and the friendliest person in the world.
I would recommend to anyone who wants to get into the piercing industry.

Rikki from Salisbury
Absolutely loved the course from day one, everything was explained clearly, step by step and in great detail.
Slack Alice’s has a lovely warm welcoming feel as soon as you walk in.
Laurie from day one was brilliant and full of knowledge.
He explained all piercings in great detail.
If anyone wanted to learn how to pierce, Laurie is your man.
Thanks also to Jaye and Jodie a lot for welcoming me.
All the best

Sarah from Surry
Great course, very friendly and informative.
Given me all the confidence I need to open my new studio!
Thank you, Laurie and the Slack Alice’s team.

Jakub from Milton Keynes
The course was very fun, plus I got to learn body piercing. Would recommend to anyone.
Totally worth the money. The team at Slack Alice’s is very friendly and welcoming, you feel like home from home the first time you walk in.
Cheers for the experience.

Tyana from Kings Lynn
Very good course! Also, very informative! The teacher is so so kind and happy to help at any time. He constantly asks how your getting on and if you have any questions, which is really good.
I’m very grateful for all of the teaching and help!
It was an amazing experience!
Tyana. 😊