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Do I have to buy the Body Piercing Kit and do the Dermal Anchor Course?
The Body Piercing Courses, we offer are optional. It is entirely up to you, you can choose what Piercing Course you want to take part in.

The Body Piercing Kits are optional, this means you have a choice to buy them or not. If you come on one of our Piercing Courses, and decide to buy a Body Piercing Kit, we will have one available to purchase.

Most students go for the full Body Piercing Course package, this includes everything, which is a total of £1,124.00

If you wanted to, just do the Body Piercing Course, it is £500.00.

The Body Piercing Course and Piercing Kit, is £994.00.

The Dermal Anchor Piercing Course is discounted when you do the Body Piercing Course in the same week, and is £540.00.

The Dermal Anchor Course on its own, is £150.00.

The Dermal Anchor Course, with the Dermal Piercing kit £240.00.

Deposits at the time of booking, is located on our Costs Page.

We do run Body Piercing Courses, if you have not purchased a Body Piercing Kit.

The service of providing the Kits, is something to help you start your Career as soon as possible. It can be very daunting trying to find your own Piercing supplies, it will take a number of days to order supplies in, and prepare them for the autoclave. We are taking away this stress for you, by providing you with High Quality Body Piercing Kits.