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Piercing Course Costs, Kits & Dates


10th May - 13th May 2022 (Course Full)
24th May - 27th May 2022 (Course Full)
7th June - 10th June 2022 (Course Full)
21st June - 24th June 2022 (Course Full)
5th July - 8th July 2022 (Course Full)
26th July - 29th July 2022 (Course Full)
9th August - 12th August 2022 (Course Full)
23rd August - 26th August 2022 (Course Full)
6th September - 9th September 2022 (Course Full)
20th September - 23rd September 2022 (Course Full)
4th October - 7th October 2022 (Course Full)
18th October - 21st October 2022 (Course Full)
1st November - 4th November 2022 (Course Full)
15th November - 18th November 2022 (Course Full)
29th November - 2nd December 2022 (Course Full)
13th December - 16th December 2022 (Four Spaces)
3rd January - 6th January 2023 (Two Spaces)

January 2023 dates will be available September 2022.

*Any person wishing to book, must not live or work with  in 25 Miles of the course location. The training is to extremely high standards, we will not teach locally*

Our Kits (Optional)

Our Professional Kits, complete with jewellery, are supplied in a swish carry case that is full to bursting. Direct from the best suppliers, you will have all you need, and more, to start your career as a Professional Body Piercer.

Dermal Kits are supplied with all punches, tools etc. Plus a supply of Dermal Anchors and Skin Divers. * The Dermal tools we provide are unique and not available for purchase in the UK.

The piercing kit is large and weighs 15 kilograms (33.069 pounds), please consider this when travelling. The case which is provided has wheels for easy transport.


S•A•P•A - Piercing Academy
CPD Accredited Body Piercing Course
CPD Accredited Dermal Piercing Course
CPD Accredited Genital Piercing Course

CPD Certified Training Providers 

Costs for the Piercing Courses

  • Body Piercing Course - 3 ½ days - £600.00
  • Body Piercing & Dermal Course - 4 days - £655.00 
  • Dermal Piercing Course - ½ day - £150.00
  • (Optional) Body Piercing Start Up Kit (includes the jewellery kit listed below) - £500.00
  • (Optional) Dermal Kit - £100.00
  • (Optional) Jewellery Kit Only - £250.00    
(The Jewellery Kit is ideal for those that currently work in a Studio or are due to start work in a Studio and just need the Jewellery,)

*Once Deposits are Received they are Non Refundable after 72 Hours of booking.*

The REMAINGING Balance is Due 1 Week Before the Start of the Course.

Deposits Required At Time of Booking

To secure your place on a course we will require the following deposits:
  • Body Piercing Course - £100.00
  • Body Piercing Course & Piercing Kit - £250.00
  • Body Piercing Course & Dermal Course £150.00
  • Body Piercing/Dermal Courses & Piercing/Dermal Kit - £350.00
  • Dermal Course only - £50.00
  • Dermal Course & Kit - £100.00
  • Jewellery Kit only - £50.00 (Optional Extra)
Deposits can be made via Bank Transfer to our Business Account.

The REMAINGING Balance is Due 1 Week Before the Start of the Course.

Please contact us by email if you wish to book.

The remaining balance of the Course and Kit costs are to be paid by Bank Transfer to our Business Account which is sent Via Email.

Terms & Conditions

  • To re arrange a course date we require as much notice as possible, and if the course date is re arranged a further COURSE DEPOSIT ONLY will be required which comes off the end price.
  • Full balance to be PAID 7 DAYS PRIOR to the course start day. In the event of you not contacting us or replying to ANY correspondence that we send out. We can hold the right to offer your placement to another student in this event. This will also result in no refund in deposit. Please make sure correspondence is correct at the time of booking.
  • Cancellation notice - we require as much notice as possible. Deposits are non refundable after 72 hours of paying the deposit. If a cancellation is made less than 7 days before the course is due to start, and in the event of not filling the space ... THE DEPOSIT will not be transferred to another date and if wishing to re schedule a course date, a further course deposit will be required.
  • By paying the deposit and receiving a confirmation email, that is an agreement and in turn your contract of the agreements set above.

A lot of time and work goes into setting up for the course including supplies, literature, kits and models which are prepped in advance.

If you are unable to come please let us know regardless.

We will try to accommodate the best we can for any situation.