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What will it be like on the Piercing Course?
The body Piercing Course, is set in a professional learning environment. When the Course is running, it will be a relaxed, friendly and an amazing learning atmosphere.

There will be ample amounts of breaks, and refreshments available in the class room. There will be 1 hour for lunch, and there is plenty to choose from in Baldock. This will keep you very refreshed throughout the Course.

The day’s layout will be presented at the beginning of each day, and handouts will be given out per subject, to form an amazing step by step Piercing guide and an encyclopaedia about Body Piercings.

The Course runs from 1000hrs-1700hrs, there will be an opportunity to stay longer for extra revision on all of these days.

The Body Piercing Course runs for 3 ½ days – 4 days’ dependent on which course you do, on the last day there will be Certificates, Photos and an inventory of the optional Body Piercing Kit. Lunch will then resume for students attending the Dermal Piercing Course, followed by an afternoon of learning and practical’s ready for another qualification to be made.

The Body Piercing Courses will be fun, amazing and a very in depth learning experience for students. It is a very enjoyable Course and will see you in the right path for your new Career.

So, please learn and enjoy our Body Piercing Courses.