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Body Piercing Course Suppliers
Once the Body Piercing Course is complete, a list of contacts will be given of reputable suppliers.

It is always best to use quality Body Piercing suppliers, cheap suppliers and foreign suppliers must be avoided. This is because metals will be inferior from these companies, and the Jewellery will not be suitable for initial Piercings.

One of the suppliers will provide a discount to all students who has successfully passed the Piercing Course, this will be a discount on Jewellery only. The suppliers’ details will be handed out at the end of the Body Piercer Training.

The optional Body Piercing Kits provided by us, will have everything supplied to last you for a good few months. As mentioned before Jewellery is supplied and will last 3-4 weeks, the tools will last you for many years if looked after.

Never buy bulk from online foreign companies, they are inferior and cheap, avoid!

When purchasing Body Jewellery from a supplier, you the client will get the Jewellery at trade price. Many reputable suppliers will not trade with members of the public.