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Body Piercing Courses, Questions and Answers
How long is the Body Piercing Course? – The Piercing Course is 3 ½ to 4 days long depending which Piercing Course you do.

Do I need to bring my own Models for the Piercing Course? - No we supply live models for the Piercer Training.

If I buy a Body Piercing Kit from you, do I have to use my own Kit on the Piercing Course?- No we provide all the supplies and Body Piercing Jewellery for the Piercing Course.

Will you help me Work out my Piercing Price list? - Yes, we will go through this, and more with our business start-up.

Can you tell me what is in the Body Piercing Kit? - Yes.

Which Piercings will be covered? - All above the waist Body Piercings.

Is there Hotels in the area? – There are many with in driving and walking distance.

If I want to book a date for the Body Piercing Course, who do I contact? – On the website, there is an email option and all our contact details.

When do I need to secure a place on the Piercing Course? – Two weeks before the Piercer Training starts.

Is the Body Piercing Course a guaranteed pass? – It is not a guaranteed Pass, only if the student meets the required standards. If they don’t, they will have an opportunity to recover areas on the Piercing Course.

Will I be able to Pierce after my Body Piercer Training? – Yes, as long as the premises you are working from are already E.H.A. inspected and the correct license is issued and insurance is in place. You will be told on the Piercing Course, how to obtain a licence from the Council. Which is simply a small fee, and a description of where you did your Body Piercing Course.