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Body Piercing Kit
The Piercing kit that is available on the Body Piercing course, is bursting with everything you need to start your career.

There will be several Piercing Clamps, 100 Needles, Jewellery, Sharps Bin, Gloves and much more. All items that need to be autoclaved will be sealed in pouches prior to you receiving the Piercing Kit ready for the autoclave. This will allow you to start Piercing from day one, on completion of the Course. This will see you through for some time, the Tools will last you for many years to come.

The Piercing Kit will come in a swish carry case, which will help you transport all of the Kit. There is so much stuff, that the Kit needs its own transport!

The Jewellery included will see you into your new career, for at least 3-4 weeks’ worth of Piercing. These will also be placed into their own individual sterilisation pouches ready for the Autoclave.

Because we will source the Kit, this will save any confusion from your end. This will take away the hard task of finding your own supplies, it can be very daunting the first time you order supplies, and you don’t want to be buying the wrong items. We will take this stress away from you, by providing a Professional Piercing Kit.

All suppliers and contact details of the best companies to use, will be handed out after completion of the Body Piercing Course.