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What is the average salary for a Body Piercer?

Salaries vary upon person to person, the only person who can make it work... is you!

A full time Body Piercer will make more money than a part time Piercer. But some part time Body Piercers do make it work as they will book them self-up for those few days they are working.

Patience is key and once you are established, you will see a regular income.

Newly trained Piercers will start off slow, but we will be able to show you how to get clients in the door. This is a valuable tool which will be taught, also pricing is key to your success… we will help you there too.

Once established and full time (5 days a week or more) your weekly income on a self-employed basis could be between £350-£600 a week. This potentially could rise depending on a really busy work week.

A part time Piercer could earn between £250-£350 (3 days full work).

The incomes I have listed is the take home price.

Quiet spells do happen in any career, but luckily there is more busy periods than quiet.

Weekly expenditure on Piercing supplies can vary from £30-£100, depending on how busy you have been that week.

I have never regretted becoming a Body Piercer, for the passion of it and the financial stability… it is a great job.

What you waiting for? Become a Body Piercer.