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Which Piercings will be taught on the Piercing Course?
The Body Piercing course, will cover all Piercings. Concentrating on both popular, and un-popular ones.

The Body Piercings covered on the course are, all of the Ear Piercings, Facial Piercings, Torso Piercings, above the waist Piercings, oral Piercings, and many more.

Surface Piercings will be covered too, there are many ways to do a surface piercing. All these will be taught on the course, and the different Jewellery types used.

Dermal Anchors and Skin Divers, will be taught as well. This will be an optional added extra, see our costs page.

All these Body Piercings will be performed on the course, either through live models or dummy models.

The dummy models, will give you a hands on feel for piercing. This is brilliant for practising, as any mistakes made will not hurt a live model and can be corrected. The Dummy models are very life like and have the same texture as skin, this is perfect for learning.

The optional Body Piercing Kit we provide for extra, its content will have the same type of Jewellery used on the course. This is ideal, as you the student will be familiar with the Jewellery and tools.

Once the Body Piercing Course is passed, you will be competent to do every single piercing on the market. This is a valuable experience needed to be a Professional Body Piercer.