Slack Alice's Piercing Academy
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Who can do the Piercing Course?
Simple answer is, Anyone over 18! You do not have to solely work in a Tattoo studio/shop to do the Body Piercing Course.

The Course is open to people from all walks of life, as long as the premises you work from are E.H.A. certified for use. 

The most common types of backgrounds students come from, are either the Tattoo/Piercing industry or the Beauty industry. Whether you are a Tattoo apprentice looking to expand your income for the studio, or a Beautician looking to expand their business in their salon.

Anyone can do this Piercing Course, so you do not have to be required to come from these backgrounds.

Years, before I became a Body Piercer, I was working with Horses. My change in career changed my life forever!

The Course is run in such a way, that it does not matter what background of industry you come from. The way the Course is set out is very easy, and is adjusted to different learning levels.

The maximum number of students on one Course at a time is 4, this allows a good level of one on one training. There is allocated time set out for any extra revision, this is so if extra learning is needed on the Course, it will be available.

Everyone, regardless of work background. Is here on the Course to be a Body Piercer, when you leave the Piercing Academy you will be a Professional Body Piercer.