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Body Piercing Courses UK

Courses have a duration of 3 – 4 days dependent upon the course(s) you choose. You will be taught in a large and gorgeous Piercing Suite that transforms and adapts to the varying course requirements. A variety of teaching aids are available, including Dummy Models and real time experience of Body Piercing and client care, as well as valuable practice on ‘Live’ models. You will receive daily handouts that encompass and form the entire syllabus, all to be stored in a smart folder that you get to keep for future reference.

As a bonus you will be taught Business Start Up as well as Advertising.

Refreshments will be available at all times during the course.

There is a recommended, fabulous kit that we supply. Full to bursting it allows you, upon passing the course, to start Piercing from Day 1 after Qualification.

On successful completion of the course(s) you will receive a Certificate: Official and Wax sealed. This will allow you to start your career as a Professional Body Piercer. Going into a studio or starting up solo, the Certificate is a qualification that will get you that all important ‘License to Pierce’ from your local E. H. A. With everything provided on the course, including writing paper and pens, all you’ve got to bring is… Yourself! And we very much look forward to meeting you!

Love… Slack Alice’s x

Body Piercing Course Content

  • Health and Safety
  • Introduction to Body Piercing & History
  • Hygiene, Cross Contamination & Prevention
  • Licenses, Laws & Insurances
  • Piercing Consent. Explanation.
  • Piercing Types/Jewellery & Safe Metals
  • Sterilization – Autoclave & Ultrasonic
  • Handling of Tools/Needles/Jewellery & Sizing
  • Aftercare – Problems & Remedies
  • Fainting and Recovery of the Client
  • Marking Up Piercing Positions
  • Preparing & Breaking Down Your Piercing Station
  • Practice Piercing Moulds
  • Advance Piercing Techniques Exclusive to SAPA
  • All Piercings Above the Waist are Covered and Practised
  • Live Models
  • Live Piercing Environment
  • Price Lists 
  • Jewellery Prices and Stock Advice 
  • Piercing Ages 
  • Consent Forms for Students
  • Parental Consent Forms for Students
  • After Care Forms for Students 
  • Business Start-up
  • Advice on Suppliers with Discounts and Contact Details
  • Advice on Insurance and Medical Waste Disposal 
  • Further Reading
  • Public Health England - Tattoo and Piercing Guidance .2013.
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Membership to SAPA Post Course Advice & Help.

Dermal Anchor & Skin Diver Course

  • Health & Safety
  • Reference Literature
  • Implantation & Removal (Exclusive Techniques Created by SAPA) 
  • Aftercare/Advice
  • Problems/Remedies
  • Advice on Suppliers with Discounts and Contact Details
  • Price List for Dermals
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Membership to SAPA Post Course Advice & Help