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Piercing Course Testimonials

Amy from Plymouth 
Laurie was hugely informative and supportive throughout the course. He was able to answer all of our questions, and the during the practical he was a calm and reassuring presence.
I would definitely recommend the S.A.P.A course! Can’t wait to get started with clients of my own!

Laurissa from Plymouth
What a fantastic experience!
Laurie made me feel welcome from the very first moment I walked through the Slack Alice doors.
His teaching technique made it easy for me to understand and follow. 
I now feel confident to return to my studio and perform all what I have learned.
Thank you to Laurie and all the team at Slack Alice’s!

River from Milton Keynes 
From the moment I walked in Laurie was very welcoming and greeted me warmly. 
He explained everything in great depth over the duration of the course. He was very reassuring if I was feeling a little nervous and this really helped me to get a better understanding of what I needed to correct. I feel so confident since finishing this course, I would recommend Laurie to absolutely any nervous new person who wants to get into piercing! Thank you for opening the doors and cheers to my new career as a qualified piercer! J

Jenna from Sudbury 

I attended the body piercing course at Slack Alice’s with Laurie and I just want to express my upmost thanks to Laurie himself but also to Vicky and Jaye for making my 4 days with them so enjoyable.
Your made to feel so comfortable and everything has been thought out so fantastically well. As for the course itself, well its fantastic, there is EVERYTHING you could possibly think of todo with body piercing covered in it. Laurie will go into great detail with every piercing and answer any questions you may have. 
I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone thinking about doing it, what are you waiting for!
Thank you so so much for giving me the confidence to become a fantastic Body Piercer!
Jenna :) x

Amy from Liverpool
I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the environment it is in, the studio is very warm and welcoming.
Laurie goes above and beyond providing you with information and demos. This Kits and file you go home with is perfect and it is very comforting knowing you have all this info to look back at when needed.
Any further courses I will 100% be attending here.

Svet from Chelsea 
The course is very educational and gives you a lot of tips of how to continue with gain of more knowledge and experience after the course as well. 
A good balance of practical and theory.
Laurie is very calm and experienced so you feel like you are in good hands.
I will defo stay in touch with the studio and will recommend the course.
All the best.
Danielle from Wiltshire 
I have had an amazing week at Slack Alice’s, Laurie is extremely professional, friendly and everyone has been very welcoming! This course is 100% worth the money and the additional kit has everything you’ll need to get going. 
I am coming away feeling well educated, confident and excited to start my piercing career. 
I would and will highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning or practising body piercing. I thoroughly enjoyed piercing the live models and felt 100% at ease with Laurie there for guidance and support.
Thank you so much xx
Fran from Northamptonshire 
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, is is extremely good value for money and very detailed. It defiantly sets you up for a new career and increases your confidence massively. Laurie made me feel really at ease and I had a great time overall. I would highly recommend this course to anybody interested in a career in the piercing industry, or anyone who just is passionate about body piercings. I’m so thankful for the confidence Laurie has given me, and the knowledge I have gained over the past four days.

Sian from Wales
I came to Slack Alice’s todo my piercing course, I learnt quite a lot in the 4 days and even got to experience piercing clients. Laurie is a great teacher and made sure that everyone on the course understood the information he was giving. If your thinking of becoming a body piercer Slack Alice’s is the place to come too. All the staff are very welcoming which I appreciated so much. I feel confident now to go ahead and continue on with being a piercer. 10/10.
Ewa from Hemel Hempstead 
They body piercing course at Slack Alice’s Piercing Academy – amazing experience for everyone who wants to work in this industry. I got a lot of information and practical experience. Made me feel very confident being a piercer. Everything taught is necessary and needed to know. Very friendly place also.

Natasha from Norfolk 
The course was absolutely amazing.
Laurie is an amazing teacher, explains everything so good and understandable.
4 day course was an amazing life experience of gaining so much knowledge and meeting new friends. Slack Alice’s Academy team was very friendly and always made me feel very welcome.
I would highly recommend this place for those who want to become a professional piercer. I will definitely be coming back for other courses.
Natasha xxx.
Kerrys from UK
This course has been the best experience by far I have ever experienced! The people who attended are amazing, the girls in the studio are absolutely lovely!
Laurie has been able to train/teach me so much in regards to business plans, and the practical of the piercing its self and all the way down to simple breathing methods to help calm the nerves.
Honestly if Piercing is a route you’re looking to go down I strongly recommend Slack Alice’s! The course is so in detail!
I couldn’t be happier!
Thank you guys!!!

Gail from Grimsby 
I just want to say a great big thank you to everyone at Slack Alice’s for their help this week they are amazing especially Laurie who helped me every step of the way.
I would recommend this course and these amazing people to anyone who is thinking of doing body piercing.
Thank you 

Nicole from Devon
Very good course, definitely worth every penny. The quality of teaching that I have received was great and I feel like I have learnt everything I need to know to make a start in the industry.
Louella from Isle of Wight 
Was slightly nervous before starting the course but everyone was so lovely Laurie is very patient and explains everything. 
Feel very confident with leaving here and being able to start up on my own.
Very helpful having live clients to work on and its very reassuring having Laurie close by to help if needed.
The studio environment is really good everything is very clean and is a peace of mind that you know your somewhere good!
Thank you for the training would recommend the body piercing course to anyone interested.

Shannon from Birmingham 
I have learnt more than I could ever imagined on this course. Laurie is so knowledgable and attentive. The fact we were able to pierce live models was incredible. Having first hand experience was so helpful. The small class size really helped as we all were given the same amount of time with Laurie. 
The folder we were given was incredible as it is filled with everything we could possibly need. The course was very intense with lots of information but I know feel ready to dive into the profession. There isn’t a single thing he did not cover. He really made this course amazing and helps ready you for your career. Thank you for everything.

Ryan from Huntingdon 

The course was absolutely brilliant. Laurie explained everything perfectly clear, really relaxed atmosphere, amazingly friendly. Gonna miss these guys, Vicky and Jaye great people also very welcoming. I am going away with some amazing knowledge.
Sarah from the Isle of Wight 
Absolutely fantastic course! Completely thorough, everything covered. Very patiently taught, easy to follow. The whole team are so friendly and welcoming and make you feel part of the family!
Thanks so much, I cant wait to start my career as a body piercer!
Ursula from Iceland
Great experience! Learned a lot even though I have a really high level of ADHD, first time I actually learned something in years! Thank you Laurie. Really great teacher, and Vicky really chatty and a really good character. Didn’t get time to talk to Jaye but looks like a really great character. Love the heads in the class room she made, very talented! Wish me luck!
Ursula – probably the only person you know from Iceland.

Aimee from Birmingham 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week at Slack Alice’s Piercing Academy.
I feel like Laurie offers the best training and I’m so glad I chose to train with him despite the distance. 
I’m now fully confident in Body Piercing and cant wait to get started on my own. Thank you so much Laurie, I’ve absolutely loved it this week. 
P.s special thanks to Vicky for all the coffees :) xxx

Emily from Northampton 
The course was very helpful and informative.
Laurie answered all questions, even the stupid ones, so we were never left in the dark. 
It was very easy to relax and have a laugh, whilst still learning everything we need to move forward in our careers.
I’m coming away from the course confident in what I’ve learnt, and feeling able to have a good career in body piercing.
Emily from Cardiff 
I found the course extremely helpful. From searching for piercing courses, Slack Alice’s provides the most to offer. The length of the course is also very useful as everything is able to fit in within the days, unlike some courses that last a day or two. 
All the staff in the shop are lovely to get along with and will help with any question no matter how random.
The course highlights all safety and cleanliness down to official health/government standards which is important for a training piercer and especially for when you are in need of inspections.
I am really grateful I found Slack Alice’s course, I have been more than happy and relaxed throughout and met lovely people and I will definitely be returning for the genital course when I feel confident enough in myself with clients in the coming months.
Olivia from Bristol
Slack Alice’s has been an amazing experience, very thorough and compact but a good fast pace. 
Laurie has been amazing and very patient with the many random questions that myself and the other students asked, never at one point have I felt like I was unable to ask questions and haven’t been left guessing about things.
The atmosphere has been friendly, calm and welcoming! A lovely shop placement! Good places around for food, parking was good and just around the corner!
Brilliant practical days with a lot of reassurance and made me feel a lot more confident.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone that was looking to get into piercing.

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