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Piercing Course Testimonials 

Kate From Barry 
I honestly wasn’t expecting to leave this course with as much confidence as I am. It is very well explained throughout, I did not expect to receive business tips which is fantastic. This course catered to all the learning needs ranging from theory to practical as well as live models. Not only have I learnt so much for my dream career but I have enjoyed the process.

Elizabeth From Scotland
Laurie was really approachable. I would highly recommend this course; I’m excited to kickstart my career. Thank you so much.

Katie From UK
Absolutely an amazing course, Laurie was great so much information was given and questions were answered. Great information pack to take away, I had a great time; all the staff were lovely and I highly recommend this course to anyone interested.

Natasha From Manchester 
The body piercing course at Slack Alice’s was amazing, the course itself is extremely informative and you are helped every step of the way if you ever need it. Everything is provided for you and explained to a high standard. You’ll leave feeling ready to start your career with the comfort of knowing you’ll have Laurie’s help in the future.

Jenna from UK
Best course I’ve ever been on. I felt so confident straight away, Laurie is so thorough with everything from sterilising, clamp placement, business etc. I came away feeling ready to go; it’s such a depth course and I’ll definitely be back to do the genital course next year. Slack Alice’s is a lovely play and everyone is so nice. We’ve all had the best week!

Linsey From Norfolk 
Really good course, great quality training. Second time back and still happy, confident with my work and the new services I’ll be offering in the future. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of doing a piercing course. Worth travelling for.

Molly From Berkshire 
This course was absolutely amazing! I have really enjoyed being a part of it. I was taught and shown everything I needed to know in great depth. It was brilliant, so easy going and I didn’t find it stressful or confusing. 100% worth it, I now feel confident to pierce.
Thank you so much x

Charlene From UK
Course was amazing! I learned a lot and feel very confident for the future. I recommend both courses to everyone, both practical and theory. Well worth every penny!

Fran From UK 
The last four days have been amazing. Learning has been made so easy by Laurie, His knowledge; experience and professionalism shows throughout the whole course. His calm attitude allowed us to follow through and memorise every little piece of information. I feel secure and I know that I can contact him if I am stuck. In addition the whole team is wonderful, the shop is charming and the little town is very welcoming. Thank you for everything.

Charlotte From UK
Very knowledgeable and understandable course and teacher. This course covered everything you need to know and more with very helpful information and a variety of practice. Lots of information on the business aspect which was great along with where to get certain supplies and managing prices as well as dealing with customers.

Jimi From South East Medway 
The course was brilliant, it covers everything you need to know about body piercing including problem solving, customer care advice, business start up and more including discounts from select suppliers. The owners are awesome, really friendly and they looked after us to make sure we were as comfortable as possible. If you are looking to do your course, I would strongly recommend doing it with Slack Alice’s.

Emily From Northamptonshire 
The course was very helpful and informative, Laurie answered all questions even the stupid ones so we were never left in the dark. It was very easy to relax and have a laugh whilst still learning everything we needed to know to carry forward with our career. I’m coming away from the course confident in what I’ve learnt and feeling able to have a good career in body piercing.

Anna From Northampton 
I found my week very interesting and productive, I gained so much useful knowledge about piercings. I started to feel more confident with the needles, I consider Laurie as a very patient, kind and professional teacher also very nice service in the studio. I felt welcomed as soon as I walked through the door, everything was easily explained. I highly recommend it to others. A massive thank you.

Calen From Shropshire 
I found my week productive, both practical and theory elements explained clearly with any questions or concerns addressed and shown. All the staff were friendly and professional.

Gabi From Milton Keynes 
I found my week very productive, I learned a lot of new things about piercing. I feel more confident with piercing tools. The atmosphere was amazing and I felt at home. The teacher was patient; kind and always helpful. I would highly recommend this course to my friends.

Ashley From Northampton 
This course was interesting, fun and productive; it was really helpful that we could pierce live models to see what it’s like. Laurie made all the information clear and very knowledgeable when explaining. He answered all our questions.

Georgiana from Hull
I attended the course in June with Laurie as the teacher. I really enjoyed the experience with a lot of information not just regarding the piercings but also business advice and future suppliers. Practical days build my confidence for real life models which is a massive reassurance. Definitely recommend to others who are aspiring to become piercers and will come back for future courses.

Laura from Taunton
I attended the course and I found it fantastic. I learnt so much and I couldn’t wait to get into my studio and start piercing. Laurie was great, he covered everything thoroughly and was always checking practical applications or asking if there were any questions. Studio itself was well maintained and Jaye, Laurie and Eve were always accommodating. I would/will highly recommend this course.

Elizabeth from Rotherham
Laurie was amazing and so friendly there were frequent opportunities to ask questions and no question was a stupid one. The course is nothing like school or training for a job. It's a very chill environment and the information is made and presented in an easy way to follow as well as being very in depth. Definitely an excellent experience.

Catherine from Bury St Edmunds
I attended the course in June and I was extremely nervous about the entire thing; however, within the first 5 minutes of being there it changed. It’s such a friendly and easy going environment to be in and Laurie is such a nice person who is easy to talk to. You learn so much so quickly but it’s not an overload of information. The notes given to you are amazing and make everything so much easier. You are able to listen and there are so many chances to build your confidence. I can’t recommend this course enough, I know Laurie will be there at any point in the future if I need help and I will stay in contact with the others on my course as well.

Linsey from UK
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Slack Alice’s. From start to finish, the first day we were given lots of information and our own folders to keep. Laurie was great at confidence building all the way through. Very professional, clean and tidy studio. The course is full of useful information about all aspects of the job. The practical day was nerve wracking but Laurie was great at handling this, talking us through each bit step by step. I would completely recommend this course if you are interested in this career. Thanks for having me, you have completely changed my confidence along with all of us on the course.
Lots of Kind Regards
Linsey x