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Piercing Course Testimonials

Gemma from Devon
I cannot recommend this piercing course enough. All the little things I was panicking about was addressed amazingly – and I don’t even know why now I was so worried.
Every piercing was covered thoroughly and I am looking forward to going away and using my new fountain of knowledge.
Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher.

Luke from Southern Ireland
Great experience that covers all the ins and outs of piercings.
I would recommend to anyone wanting to get a foot in the industry.
Five stars and worth the investment without a doubt.

Lewis from kings Lynn
The first day I came, I was welcomed professionally and instantly felt welcome and part of a team. The course was brilliant, Laurie is a great guy and explained all the problems that can happen if anything went wrong. The studio has a brilliant environment and atmosphere. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Jaye is also lovely, and a great tattooist. She did me a small tattoo and I love it. The studio is real comfortable and has a real homely feeling.
Jodie is great anything or any problems she was there to help.
All in all, a great experience and course and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn to pierce or even have a tattoo.

Lucy from Middlewich
Extremely thorough when explaining how to carry out piercing procedures.
Everything has been very clear to understand and my questions have been answered properly when I have been unsure.
I enjoyed the course as a whole and very glad I chose to come here. Also, I have been re-assured that I am able to contact Slack Alice’s for advice in the future if I need a hand – great bonus.
Thank you!

Jack from Middlewich
The course is very good with the balance of theory and practical work.
You are made to feel very confident with your knowledge.
I had an amazing time and really enjoyed the course.

Lauren from Northampton
I’ve had the best time at Slack Alice’s these past 4 days, Laurie is an awesome teacher he made me feel at ease from the get go!
I now feel completely confident to go off and start my new career as a piercer.
Everyone is so incredibly friendly here too.
My kit is amazing and full of everything I possibly need to start me off!
Thanks for everything cannot recommend enough!

Tracy from Barnsley
Attending the body piercing course was nerve wracking on the 1st day, but Laurie and the whole team at Slack Alice’s soon make you feel right at home.
The course is very intense but Laurie is very thorough and supports you through every aspect. Couldn’t ask for a better tutor or surroundings, if you’re thinking about getting into body piercing, don’t go anywhere else, this is the place.
(Tracy was recommended to us by the World-Famous Barber DTS. Tattoo and Piercing Suppliers.)

Hannah from hull

Really great, they are very thorough and introduce things to you at a perfect pace and are great at giving you confidence to get through any nerves, I enjoyed every second!

Jack from Worcestershire
Had a great time. Learnt a lot and enjoyed every minute.
Awesome people, relaxed place and lots of learning and fun.

Hannah from Havant
LOVED my time at Slack Alice’s Piercing Academy.
I was so nervous about coming along but Laurie made me feel so relaxed and confident about learning and the practical side of the course.
Everyone at the academy was so welcoming and friendly.
Thank you!

Lee from Newcastle
I thought this course would be quite daunting. Laurie sets you at ease straight away.
The course is comprehensive but easy to understand.
The four days flies over.
Defiantly worth the money and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of giving it a try.

Dannii from Farnborough
Absolutely loved this!
So friendly from the minute I walked in the door.
Laurie is full of information which he puts over incredibly clearly, usually answering questions before I’ve even asked them.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting out. I feel so confident with what I’m doing now.
Thanks so much! Worth every penny!
Dannii x

Davina from March 
The course at Slack Alice’s is the best and I couldn’t recommend it anymore.
Laurie is so lovely and is so passionate about doing everything possible to ensure you know every little thing possible to help start your new career.
Before I booked the course I looked through other courses and then found Slack Alice’s, like you are now – I was here reading these testimonials and it sounded amazing. So I booked it!
Best decision I ever made. I’ve now got a studio to work at, doing what I love and this wouldn’t be possible with out Laurie’s amazing teaching. 
Not only has Laurie given me this opportunity but even now the course is over he is always still there to help and give any advice. 
If your reading this – don’t hesitate on booking the course, you most definitely wont be disappointed.

Jayden from Kent
-    Amazing information provided, full depth and completely upfront.
-    Hands on with practising piercing and helping/instructing.
-    Excellent references for jewellery/tools etc.
-    Helped calm my nerves within 10 mins on my first day.
-    Answers all questions.
-    Very detailed.
-    Brilliant advice.
-    Friendly.

Samantha from Lancashire 
Laurie is a great tutor, felt relaxed and welcomed. He went into detail with every aspect of the course. I would definitely recommend this course to budding body piercers or apprentices that want to gain a professional knowledge in the profession.

Becky from Hatfield
A very exciting experience, in depth teaching and incredible amount of knowledge. Every question answered and then discussed, well taught and not too rushed.overall, I am happy to have chosen this course, staff are very lovely! 

Firoz from London 
A great introduction to body piercing and micro-dermal implants, delivered in an interesting and inspiring manner by an expert in his field.
Laurie is a passionate and supportive individual who is dedicated to bettering himself, his students and his professionalism.
Very glad I found him and looking to working alongside him as a colleague and fellow professional.

Zlatica from Didcot
New experience, interesting learning about new stuff.
Very professional teaching.
Every question answered.
Nice and friendly people.
I am very very very happy I have been here.

Janie from Yorkshire
In my time at the academy I’ve learned an extreme amount of information for my start up.
The whole experience has been wonderful from the first day.
Learning from hygiene to piercing live bodies, I would defiantly recommend this academy and the teacher himself.

Helga from Nottingham
Felt very welcomed from the first second I stepped in the studio. Have learned a lot of new things. Basically, as a beginner, and new things, but felt really good. I was happy and active during the whole course. I am quite sad it is over but I know I can always come back to ask any questions, how ever silly they are. All the advice that was given was very useful.
I highly recommend to purchase the piercing kit as well so you literally have a great deal of stock and a great start to body piercing.


Piercing Course Reviews

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