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Body Piercing Course testimonials 

Jenni From Manchester
Coming to the course in Baldock which was a 4 hour drive, had me skeptical about how it would go. Well all I can say is 10 out of 10. Laurie and the staff were brilliant from when I stepped in the door. Laurie is a fantastic teacher. He is very patient, kind, very clear and easy to talk to. Every stress I had has gone and I am walking away a very confident and more experienced piercer. Thank you for my course/day with you and your team. I hope to keep in contact.
Jenni. ( Jenni was already a body piercer and attended our Genital Piercing Course)

Evie From Reading
Laurie has been a fantastic trainer. It has opened my eyes and realised how unprofessional some body piercers are. A very enjoyable experience and highly recommended.

Paul From Shrewsbury
Great environment; Made me feel at ease; Good learning experience and tutor is very knowledgeable. All aspects were covered and nothing was left out.

Meg From Wiltshire
I came on this course to achieve a dream I’ve had for the last 20 years and to work with a studio where I live. I have found this course to be massively informative and eye opening. Everyone has been so welcoming and Laurie is easy to talk to as well as full of knowledge. Anyone wanting to do body piercing as a career should attend this course, you won’t regret it and you will feel so prepared. Thank you so much Laurie.

Hayley From Devon
Laurie is a great teacher and explains things in depth so you really understand. Laurie also answers any questions you have at all times. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the right and ethical way. Had a good laugh with the other members of the group and I'm going to keep in touch.

Charlie From Cornwall
I left the course feeling fully prepared to begin my piercing career. Everything was covered in depth at a digestible pace. Laurie is very approachable and answered all of our questions thoroughly. I felt confident in all practical activities, thanks to Lauries teaching. The environment was very welcoming and I felt comfortable in the studio. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in a piercing career.

Lou From Wolverhampton
I couldn't be more happy with the quality and attentiveness of the course- of all the ones out there, Laurie’s course was by far the best choice I could have made, not only the length of depth and dedication, but also how steadily yet quickly we advanced through various aspects. At first I was afraid that I’d leave with gaps in my knowledge but everything was explained. I’m much more comfortable going into the world of piercing; plus all the resources I have available to me now should I ever need help.

Matt From Newbury
Could not recommend this course enough to anyone that wants to enter the world of Body Piercing! Laurie is a great guy and a fantastic teacher, very thorough and patient. Five Stars!

Victoria from Reading
Fantastic course, brilliant feel and atmosphere. Teaching style was perfect and easy to understand but with lots of information. I feel I have been shown the right way to do things. I am leaving the course feeling confident and well supported. I am ready to start my piercing career and would 100% recommend this course to anyone who is serious about a career in body piercing and dermal.

Kelly From Manchester
I had a fantastic week, Laurie made us feel confident when doing the practical side of the training and stayed close. I have left the course feeling good and ready to pierce. He has left himself available for help if we need it, which is amazing. I am ready to begin my career and highly recommend this course to anyone.

Tayler From Birmingham
I feel really confident about starting my career as a body piercer after completing the course with Laurie. I had a million questions to ask but I didn’t end up asking many because he was really detailed about everything. My time has been amazing here and I am so excited for my future! Thank you Laurie and Team.

Louise From Manchester
Absolutely amazing course, highly recommended; Laurie was very helpful, information was explained in detail. Asking questions wasn’t a problem and very detailed explanation with the live models too. My advice would be to do both the piercing and dermal courses, I am ready to start my new career. Thanks to all the staff at Slack Alice’s.

Laura From Stafford
The course was amazing, Laurie was very thorough. All the staff were very welcoming. I really enjoyed my week and I feel confident now in starting my new career and I know I can get back in touch with Laurie if I need to. Thank you - Keep up the good work.