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S.A.P.A - Piercing Course  

Lauren Joanna from March
Thoroughly enjoyed my time at Slack Alice’s. Laurie is extremely knowledgable and made me feel completely at ease with any questions I may have had. I know my skills and confidence will grow even stronger over time!
I had a lot of fun learning about everything on the course and I would definitely recommend to anyone!
Lauren Joanna.
Jodie from Cheshunt
Fantastic course and teacher! 
Laurie explains everything so well and in so much detail.
Highly recommend Slack Alice’s!

April from Chester
Absolutely loved every aspect of the course with Laurie. Thank you so much for all of your invaluable advice! Can’t wait to come back and visit the studio – Slack Alice’s, when I am a full pledged piercer to share lots of stories. 
Thanks to Jaye and Vicky too who are lovely.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week at Slack Alices’ Piercing Academy. I feel like Laurie offers the best training and I’m so glad I chose to train with him despite the distance.
I’m now fully confident in Body Piercing and can’t wait to get started on my own. 
Thank you so much Laurie, I’ve absolutely loved it this week.
Ps -special thanks to Vicky for all the coffees xxx
Emma from Lincolnshire
I had a great experience and feel confident to leave here and start building my body piercing career. Laurie was very knowledgable and friendly and made me feel at ease. Plus I got a cute septum piercing to come home with! Thank you so much.
Sinead from Lincolnshire 
The course has been. Great way to really get a feeler for what the piercing experience is going to be like for me in the future. Not only have we done physical piercing practice but it has been useful that Laurie has also shared his personal experiences over the years to really know what we’re getting into. I have really enjoyed this experience and it was so interesting to see all of the different types of clients that walk through the door! Thank you!
Amy for Aberdeen Scotland
I was very nervous about doing this course before arriving, but my fears and worries were quickly put to rest after starting. Laurie is very informative and professional but creates a very relaxing environment to learn in.